Selflessness Moves the Gospel Forward

This past weekend was filled with three Christmas programs at our Church. We had one Saturday night with children specials, one Sunday morning and one Sunday afternoon. Overall it was a powerful weekend for our Church. Even with a bit of snow on Sunday morning that kept some senior citizens at home, after we eliminated the number of people who attended multiple programs, we had 315 unique visitors to our programs. This number ties the record we set for Easter weekend. It was indeed a blessing to see so many people attend the worship programs. Our final program on Sunday afternoon was over 50% first-time guests. It was a beautiful weekend in every way.

When I finally got home on Sunday night, my mind started racing through all the events of the weekend. The one thought I could not escape was that none of this would have been possible without volunteers. We had dozens and dozens of people who sacrificed their time to make this weekend happen. The lives that were touched this weekend for Jesus were the result of people willing to put aside their own time for the sake of the gospel.

Think about it this way. We had people give up their time to organize and practice with the children. We had people decorate all over the Church, especially the auditorium. We had people bake and cook to feed the children and provide snacks for the adults. We had people video the program and make a special video to show at the other programs. We had people run sound and PowerPoint at three programs. We have people work the nursery and watch other peoples’ children. We had people clear the stage for Friday and then reset it for Sunday. We had musicians and singers who practiced and practiced making every program special. We had several men willing to pass the communion and offering trays. I am sure I am missing someone, but you get the picture. For the kingdom of God to advance here on earth it requires far more than one person called a pastor.

My heart is full of thanksgiving for all the people who willingly sacrificed their time because of their faith in Jesus. This past weekend was a wonderful time of worship and reflection, and it was made possible by you, the servant of the Lord. May God bless all of you who sacrificed your time, the world is a better place because of you.

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