Not Your Typical New Year’s Advice

My blog feed has been full of articles over the past few days that all have a similar ring to them. There is post after post of “Things to do to make this your best year ever.” They list the best books to read this year, the best practices to start and the changes you need to make to have an incredible 2018. If I took all of their advice, I would have an entire page of activities for me to add to my life in the coming months.

The difficulty I see with these bits of wisdom is they all require me to do more, and my schedule is already packed. I suffer from the stress of trying to do just a few of the numerous good things that have been suggested to me each year. I feel this sense of failure because I cannot accomplish my to-do list from last year let alone add anything more.

So here is my advice for 2018: DO LESS.

Yes, you heard me right. What would happen if you actively tried to do less in 2018? Would your stress level drop? Would your sense of guilt decrease? Would you feel less disappointed in yourself? I know I would.

Honestly, you don’t need to be involved in any more activities. Your child doesn’t need to sign up for any new programs or groups. Your family does not need another item on its agenda. If you are like most people I know, you need to do far less than you are doing right now.

Quitting stuff might actually be more difficult than adding something new to your life. Some people will be disappointed in you, possibly even your children. Some people will judge you as lazy or not socially conscious. You might also feel guilty for having to say no for a while.

How would 2018 be different if you focused your attention on doing a few things well? What would happen if you devoted more time to your spiritual walk? What if you dedicated yourself to quality time with your family? What if you said no to everything that distracts you from what is really important in your life?

For me, as I stand on the second day of this new year I have some dreams of things I want to accomplish and ideas about how to redirect my life in the days ahead. With that said, I am not adding anything new. I am just focusing on doing some of my current things better. I am also going to refuse to do anything that distracts me from being the person God created me to be.

I hope your new year is full of joy, and your calendar is not overloaded with more activities meant to make you appear as a better person, but are slowing destroying you. May this be the year of less.

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