His Love Endures Forever

In the New International Version of the Bible the phrase “his love endures forever” occurs 182 times. Many of those are in Psalm 136, that repeats the phrase as a refrain. It is a simple statement that is underlined by its usage and, yet it is easy to read right past it.

This week I heard it used as a lyric in the chorus of a song and it touched me in a new way. The idea that God loves us is nothing new to most of us who call on the name of the Lord. What struck me was the word “endure.”

What does it mean when something endures? For one, that means that it is long-lasting. Something that has endured has stood the test of time. There is another side to that equation that is worth noting. When something endures through time that means it had to push back against the forces that sought to destroy it. To endure is to remain strong through all the moments of hurt, pain, and destruction. Enduring is a strong word that lives on through difficulty.

The statement that God’s love endures is a declaration that goes far beyond merely saying that he loves us. It means that God has put up with all our junk and he still loves us. He sees our sins, mistakes, and failures and he remains true. Even when we work against him, his love endures.

That understanding makes the last work even more critical. His love endures forever. There is no point in which he says, “Enough is enough, I am done with you.” God sees our sins, feels our rebellion and hears our words against him and yet his love remains day after day.

Some days I just need to be reminded that God’s love for me remains even after my mistakes. He has not given up on me, even when I am disappointed in myself.

His love endures. His love remains forever.

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