Life’s Simple Pleasures

Last Thursday night I became ill with a stomach virus of some sort. I was awake almost all night and felt awful into the morning hours. By early afternoon my tummy began to settle, and I was feeling much better. I mustered up enough energy to attend my boy’s basketball games in the evening. That night I went to bed exhausted, and it was the best night sleep I have enjoyed in a long time. I slept sound until after 9:00 am on Saturday. I was physically feeling better, and I had nothing to do that day, so a sense of total relaxation flooded my morning with a peaceful feeling.

This morning was different. Last night we traveled to a ball game and ended up eating late before going to bed. I tossed and turned part of the night usually waking with some thoughts about work. The morning came early, and I was still tired while trying to get into the morning routine.

As I sat in my office, I began to think about all of life’s simple pleasures that I overlook so often.

-A good night’s sleep.
-A warm house and a hot shower.
-Air Conditioning
-Going out to eat with my wife.
-Steak and Pizza and crab legs
-An automobile
-Computers and the internet

Slowly my mind began to move from physical things to feelings.

-The joy of knowing my family is all safe.
-The excitement of my bobber going down while fishing.
-The indescribable feeling when people appreciate you.
-The peace of knowing I am free from my past failures through Jesus forgiveness
-The confidence I have in knowing God is guiding me.
-The hope I have of eternal life in heaven.

Today I was reminded of all the things in life I take for granted.

I believe each of us has been blessed in so many ways. Physically we have all the modern conveniences of living in 2018. Personally, there are numerous things for which to be thankful. Spiritually, I often forget the blessing I have in Jesus. My past is forgiven, my present is empowered, and my future is secure.

Today I hope you take a few minutes to think about all the ways God has blessed your life. In a world where we are always being pushed to do more and have more. Maybe the best thing we can do is to take time to be thankful for what we have already been given.

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