Our Church is a Little Unprofessional

I believe that everything in the Church should be done with the highest level of quality. I make every effort to have the have the best-printed program we can produce. I want our facilities clean and updated. Our signage should be clear and plentiful. Music should be well thought through and thoroughly practiced. There is no reason to allow our program to be of low quality over the things we can control.

With that said, I also prefer that some parts of our program be a little unprofessional. Each week I am thrilled to see people step up in our worship program who are volunteers trying to share their faith.

I appreciate both our younger and older people helping with worship.

I am honored to have various members of our leadership leading the Church in prayer.

I enjoy hearing several of our men sharing their thoughts about communion.

It is a delight to have people of all backgrounds sharing their lives in one way or another during our worship on Sunday mornings.

The Church is a place where people of all ages, all backgrounds, and varying degrees of spiritual maturity work together in faith. It is not just a place where paid professionals show off what they have been trained to do in Bible college.

When I see different people on the stage on Sunday I sometimes do not listen to their words; I look at their life. I wonder how many struggles they have been through and how their faith has grown over their journey. I hear young people full of potential who are facing life with faith for the future. I know people who want to touch the lives of others by sharing what they believe.

Sometimes the most productive thing the Church can do it to let the non-professionals have the microphone. They are the example of faith for all who worship with us each week.

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