The Trouble with Doing the Lord’s Work

I am not a very patient person. I want results, and I want them immediately.

The microwave in our house is the perfect symbol of this attitude. Most days the clock on our oven blinks with a number like twelve. This is the result of one member of my family putting something in the microwave and setting the timer for a minute to cook. Then it hits twelve seconds left, and our patience is up, we open the door and immediately begin eating. My parents may have waited for a long time to eat leftovers, but I do not have time for that nonsense.

One of the biggest lessons I have been forced to learn in ministry is waiting on the Lord. God never seems in a hurry. He is not late to do his will, but he is rarely early. Doing his work requires the willingness to wait an extended period of time for results.

This is true if you are trying to lead someone to the Lord for the first time. It is true once they decide and you try to help them grow in their faith. It takes a lifetime to help shape a person into a Godly adult.

Let me be extremely honest with you; this one truth is the reason I continually think about quitting the ministry. I work and work trying to accomplish something for God and most days I see little progress. It gets frustrating, especially if you have a microwave personality.

I imagine this is true for you also. I bet there are days you get discouraged and feel like you are accomplishing so little for God. Your invitations to Church fall on deaf ears. You teach your children, and they appear to ignore you. You invest your life into people who seem to care less. You shine your light in the darkness, and no one seems to be running toward the light.

Let me encourage you today. Don’t give up.

Our God is the God of the harvest. He is methodical and intentional. He works the soil, plants, waters, and waits until the proper season to bring a harvest. Spring may be wet and the summer hot and dry, but that does not mean that God is absent. He is doing his mighty work of creation in the day by day of each passing season.

One day all the work you have done will see its reward. It will not be today and probably not tomorrow, but it will come. Hold on tight and keep working for the Lord. The harvest is coming.

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