A Less Than Perfect Performance

Bored one night my wife and I ended up watching the BRIT music awards. Honestly, I did not even know such a thing existed. It is an award show for the music of the British people and somehow we as Americans got sucked into watching. I assume it happened because my wife enjoys Ed Sheeran music and he was performing, but that is another story.

We watched the show enjoying some music we had never heard before that night. As we watched, I noticed something interesting to me continually resurfacing. The people who won the awards and performed live were not perfect singers. The music sometimes came with a gravelly voice. Many times, you could hear that the singer had very little formal vocal training. They were frequently flat and missed the proper note. And yet, this was the music that people appeared to enjoy the most.

Then I listened to the lyrics. Quite often the songs contained misshapen rhymes forced to fit a particular theme. Sometimes the phrases were very personal, and I had no idea what they were singing about until I did a google search. Their words were a mottled mess that somehow communicated their feelings.

While watching this display of music, my heart was drawn into four songs that I quickly downloaded and have listened to a few times now. Even with modern editing equipment they still have rough edges and oddly formed tunes.

This reminds me that the world is not looking for perfect. They are looking for you.

On an even more profound level, God wants you. He wants you to use your gifts, your words and your story. It is okay if you are not the best in the room. Take the message of God and pull it through your life making your own unique sound. Even if the words are pitchy and misshapen, especially if it is like that, God can touch the life of another person through your story.

Stop striving to be the best and learn to be yourself as God made you.

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