It is Just a Tool

There are no Christian things. There are no Non-Christian things. There are just things.

Your phone is just a thing. Your computer is just a tool. Your children’s sports are only activities. Your job is just work. Your hobbies just fill time. Everything in your life is a thing.

These things can be used for God. You can use your phone to read the Bible and have devotions. You can use your TV to watch educational and uplifting programs. Your hobbies and activities can bring you closer to God and give you a witness to the world about your faith in Jesus. Every tool can be used in some way to promote the kingdom of God in your life and society.

These things can also be used for evil. That same phone can distract you from your marriage and things that matter. That computer can be a portal to the vilest forms of sexual misconduct known to humanity. Your hobbies and activities can separate you from God and his community of believers. Every tool can be used in some way to drive a wedge between you and God while hurting your Christian witness.

The items are neutral, but your use of them is not. Are the things in your life bringing the kingdom of God to earth or are they a tool of evil? Your choice will be seen in your actions.

The hard part, the Bible says that Satan likes to parade as an angel of light. He is also described as the father of lies. One of his primary actions is to take things that look good and use them for evil. He likes to use subtle lies to twist our thinking and make good things turn negative. I want everything to be black and white, and the Devil paints with gray.

The challenge of our lives to evaluate our actions to their logical outcome with total honesty. Are you using the things in your life for God or are you being deceived? That is a more difficult question to answer.

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