When the Experts are Wrong

This past weekend was the start of what is called “March Madness.” It is the time of year the NCAA Division 1 basketball has their championship tourney. There are games spread out over a three-week period where 68 teams will be reduced to one winner. My boys and I love to watch all the basketball during March. It is always a wide ride of last-second game-winning shots, all-star performances, and unexpected events.

This past weekend was unprecedented in the history of college basketball. A number one seed lost their first game for the first time ever. Numerous top teams were beaten by underdogs leaving a unique group of teams left for the second weekend of play. In fact, it was so eventful that many of the teams picked to win by the so-called experts on sports TV and radio fell to defeat. One of my favorite basketball personalities saw his pick to win it all fall in the second game.

This weekend proves that those people who spend their lives observing game after game, know very little about what really happens. They cannot predict a team that has prepared for big moments, coaches who have a great game plan or players to rise when the spotlight shines on them. They are unable to foresee when an underdog plays with heart and determination while a big school seems to care less. They cannot imagine a player having the game of his life in a crucial moment that propels his team to the next round. Nothing the experts have seen over the course of the year will adequately prepare them for tournament play.

This leads me to the conclusion that no one has any clear idea about the future. The unexpected will happen, and people will surprise you.

While I may not know you personally, I know this about you. If you are a Christ follower, you have the potential to prove the experts wrong. The Bible tells us story after story about people who trusted God and found themselves shocking the world. Joseph grows from a hated young man to become the second in command of Egypt. Moses goes from leading sheep to leading Israel. David goes from shepherd boy to king. Along the way, he kills Goliath with just a sling and a stone. Gideon defeats an entire army with a handful of men. Peter goes from failure to Church leader. Saul, called Paul, went from approving the murder of Christians to being an Apostle. Whenever people attach themselves to the power of God, they often prove the experts wrong.

Up to this point you may have been labeled with less than flattering titles. You were the unappreciated, undeserving, unrespected and underperforming person. The people who know things would count you out and never take a bet on you to succeed. But your story is still not over. There is still a game to play. You have to potential to surprise everyone as you move forward trusting in God.

The experts were wrong this weekend, and I hope they are wrong about you too.

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