The Most Difficult Leadership in the World

There are several blogs I follow that are about leadership. Some write about leadership in general and others specifically about Church leadership. Each one is full of insights on how to be a better pastor, manager, leader and visionary. While their material is useful information, it usually does not touch on the toughest leadership in the world. That is the topic of Self-Leadership.

I believe that to be a great parent, grandparent, teacher, coach, manager or whatever label you want to put on leadership, you must first lead yourself.

I am not writing about self-discipline, although the two concepts are related. Self-leadership is not just about doing the right thing each day; it is also about having a vision for your future. It includes making the tough decisions for long-term benefits. It is about self-assessment and continually re-evaluating your actions. Self-leadership is what moves you into the future and develops you into the person you will become when you get there. Self-leadership means doing the difficult things day in and day out when no one else is watching. Self-leadership is tough.

Personally, I would rather read about being a better business manager or how to organize my church for effective ministry. Maybe that is why the articles on leadership are so plentiful because it is easier to lead others than yourself. It is much more enjoyable too.

Before you set out to conquer the whatever piece of the world you lead, would you take a long look in the mirror? Ask yourself, “Am I leading that person well?”

Self-leadership will open the door to all other forms of leadership. If you can motivate yourself to be a better person, your family will follow. If you can stand out in front with confidence and conviction, other people will rally around you. If you can push yourself into new challenges with success, onlookers will come to learn from you.

Every day is a test of leadership. Will you lead yourself in the right direction?

Today is no exception.

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