A Life of Farming

With a little break in the weather where I live in Missouri the farmers have hit the fields in full force. They are working the soil and planting their crops. The dirt is moving, and the seeds are dropping as the year of farming gets underway.

I admire the work of the farmers. It takes patience and perseverance to do this job. It will take 5-6 months or more before they will see a harvest. During that time, who knows what might happen. There could be floods, or there could be droughts. It might be an ideal season with no problems at all. Whatever happens, the final results will not be known for several months for the work they are doing today.

What would happen if you and I approached life more like a farmer? What if we knew that the hard work we did today would not see any results for a long time?

The truth is, whether you acknowledge it or not, you are already living this way. The things you do today will one day reap a reward. If you do the right thing in your family, your marriage, your work and even your soul, it will someday have a result. The flip side is also true, if you neglect your work today, eventually, there will be a negative result.

My question for you today is simple; What are you planting today that will see a reward in the future? What will be the result of your work today in several months or years?

Maybe there is an even more significant question than that; What are you doing today that will have a harvest in eternity?

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