Advice from Senior Adults

Recently our Church started a monthly gathering of our senior adults for lunch, fellowship, a devotional thought and a chance to get to know each other. We have held two, and they have both been a blessing. This month I asked them one question for discussion. That question was “What one piece of advice would you give our graduating high school seniors (and possibly why)?”

Each one could stand up and share their thoughts, and a few were willing to write them down. Here are the responses (with minor editing)

-“Follow Jesus – if you slip away from him for any amount of time, he will welcome you back. I know.”
-“Slow down. Life goes by fast. Take time to live.”
-“Take pictures, make videos and record your life. Make and keep your memories.”
-“Don’t walk a mile without Jesus.”
-“Look for a spouse with a good heart and is a Christian. Your job, house and bank account is nothing if you do not live with a good person.”
-“Chose your mate wisely.”
-“Always be yourself. Don’t conform to be one of the crowd.”
-“Trust in the Lord with all your might, and he will lift you up.”
-“Pray always and exercise your faith.”
-“Always follow the direction of the Lord. Let him be your guide in all things.”
-“Follow your dreams.”
-“Listen to those older than you – they have already been where you are!”
-“Be true to yourself.”
-“Ask yourself, ‘Would my grandmother approve of this decision?’”
-“Don’t forget God.”

There is the life wisdom of some of our senior adults. They are a great group of people, and our Church is blessed by their wisdom.

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