I Know You Are Busy

Your schedule is full. Your calendar is jam-packed with activities and events. Running from here to there in a hurried rush has become your way of life.

You need to know that busy is not the same as productive. It is not the same as loving, friendly, full of joy or a host of other things. Being busy does not build relationships. It does not make you healthy or happy. Spiritually speaking, your full schedule is keeping you from developing a relationship with God or any of his followers. It leaves your spirit dry and your friends shallow. In fact, busyness might not be constructive in any way. It might be a sign that you lack priorities. You might be trying to please everyone and make them happy. Busyness is a sign that you have flaws in your schedule and possibly in your soul.

Yes, I know your busy. Maybe you are too busy to understand what you are doing wrong.

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