Hearing What You Want to Hear

Your brain is an enormous filter. It can take massive amounts of data and decide what is important to you and what is not. It chooses what ideas to latch onto and determines what to leave behind. Your brain has spent years being trained to receive the information that you find the most meaningful.

With that said, let me ask you a couple of questions?

1. Do you find joy in the failure of others? This is how gossip is made. Real juicy gossip is the true stories you hear about the mistakes other people make, that you repeat. Some people can listen to a whole conversation and pick out the one negative piece to share with others.

2. Do you privately enjoy being mad? Some people are only happy if they are upset about something. The deep psychological reason is that it gives us the attention we desire. If you are mad, then people will listen to your concerns and try to make you happy. These people listen carefully for any words that will frustrate them.

3. Do you hear reasons to be happy in your conversations? When you are finished talking with someone can you repeat all the positive things they said? Do you hear the good things louder than the bad? Some people can find joy in every season and situation, no matter how I tell the story.

One big question is what kind of person are you? All of us have a tendency toward one type of thinking and listening. We hear what we want to hear. Our brains have become magnets to attract thoughts that we like. The question I want you to ask is not only about what type of material catches your attention but is that the best for the kingdom of God in your life?

We hear what we want to hear, but is your brain being filled with information that furthers the work of God in your life?

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