Social Media Advice for Christians

Here this post as an earnest plea from one Christian to another. See me as begging you. I am down on my knees and asking you this in total sincerity.

I request that you would hesitate before you share, or even “like” something on social media. Pause and do some of the following.

1. Talk to God. Quietly ask God if sharing this information will further his kingdom on earth. Before you click on the button, speak a one-line prayer and see if your attitude changes.

2. Read the Article Yourself. I am amazed at the number of people who share an idea about a link that was shared in an article by a friend that appears to be true. Before you share about the survey or study, read the material for yourself. Take the time to read every word, once or twice before you share it.

3. Do Your Research. Some things are too good to be true. Some things are too bad to be true. Do a google search to find out details. Check Snopes. Try to gather all pertinent information to the best of your ability. Was this material produced by a Christian or an anti-Christian writer? Is there an overwhelming political bias? We live in an age of fake news.

4. Use Your Head. Think before you type anything into social media, that as a Christian you represent more than yourself. Every word you write will leave an impression on the hearts and minds of your believing and unbelieving friends.

5. Share. If you have something that checks out as legitimate and it is helpful to people, then share away. As you share useful articles, you will gain credibility and develop a voice for the kingdom of God.

I debated sharing several stories of disaster on social media. People sharing false news, biased information and unresearched junk that was detrimental to the cause of Christ. Those stories are many and still leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I want to remind you that all tools, like social media, can be used for God. Be wise about what you are sharing and let’s build each other up for the glory of the Lord.

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