You Should Write That Book

Every person has a unique perspective, knowledge, and experience, including you. God has created you to be a one of a kind masterpiece for his kingdom. You have a story to tell, even if you do not think it is that interesting.

You have a story of adversity. I know your life has overcome its fair share of obstacles. Others might have created the walls you have climbed, or your own hands may have formed them. Either way, you have walked through pain and disappointment with faith. You have failed and made mistakes without them derailing your life.

You have a story of faithfulness. There have been moments you wanted to quit. For reasons you do not entirely understand, God sent a person or an experience into your life that helped you stand firm. You overcame what you once thought would overtake you. You stand here today as a believer in spite of discouragement and many dark nights of the soul.

You have a story of growth. When you look in the mirror, you cannot believe the person you have become today. You were once angry and bitter. You were once far from God. You were once the person whom people thought was most likely to end up in jail. And yet, here you are today, both a believer and happy about it. You have been reading your Bible and listening to Christian teachers. Sometimes you read a Christian book and a little worship music. You attend Church, and you are making decisions you once thought impossible. You are a follower of Jesus, and you would have never thought that possible.

You have a story of prayer. Either you have prayed for something, and it has happened. You can’t explain it, but a quiet little miracle occurred in your life. The other option is that you are the result of prayer. Your mother once knelt quietly and asked God to work in your life. You didn’t know it and probably would have thought she was crazy, but she prayed anyway, and things happened that you didn’t expect. You stand here today as a result of your prayers and the prayers of others.

You have a story of joy. For you, the glass is always half full. Other people might complain or be cynical about their situation, but you see God working. You might have every reason to be angry and mean, but grace has filled your soul to overflowing. When you walk into the room, people smile and are blessed by your presence. There is a testimony about the goodness of God on your lips no matter what is going on in your life.

Each one of us has a unique story that we can share with the world.

Maybe you should write it down, even if it is only for those people closest to you. If you do not write it down, then I encourage you to share it with someone. Tell your children or your grandchildren. Recount the work of God in your life to a small group or Sunday school class. God has given you a unique experience, and you can lock all of that inside of yourself or be a blessing to the community of faith.

I, for one, want to hear your story and I am sure I am not the only one.

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