The Rest of the Story

Some of my childhood memories include my dad flipping through the radio while we were traveling and landing on the voice of Paul Harvey. Anyone over the age of 40 will remember the exact sound of which I speak. Paul Harvey hosted a radio show called “The Rest of the Story.” If you remember he would take a person or story from history and give you interesting facts about what happened to them.

Once dad, or I, landed on the show we had to listen to the rest of it. You can’t hear the beginning of a story about a World War Two veteran without knowing what happened to him. And with Paul Harvey, you knew the rest of the story was going to be interesting.

I think of these words as I view the future. What will be the rest of the story?

Honestly, I hope you enjoy this day and this week. I also pray you have a wonderful summer full of blessing. May this year be the best year of your life so far. But don’t forget the rest of the story. Many people have experienced beautiful seasons of life to slip into pain and struggle.

This idea caught me recently as I was looking at the lives of two old friends on social media. Once they were champions of the faith, and now both are far from Jesus in their lifestyle and words. Sadly, both people started down this road away from Christ by a series of small, poor decisions. They started skipping Church, put their Bible on the shelf, dropped out of fellowship with believers and they quit serving other people in Jesus name. Inch by inch their lives moved away from God, and now they are miles from him.

One significant question worth asking yourself is, “Where will this decision lead me in 30 years?” Maybe for the Christian, the words are even more specific, “Where will this lead my faith in 30 years?”

I hope you spend this season investing in fun and family but be sure not to neglect the future. The decisions you make today will pave the way for your life tomorrow. Take the time to be sure you are on the right road.

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