Of Mustard Seeds, Yeast and You

Jesus is clear that the work of his followers will seem insignificant. He tells a set of back-to-back parables that are so short they only take four verses in the gospel of Luke and three in Matthew. I guess it is fitting that both analogies are tiny since they are about minuscule work of the kingdom of God.

One of Jesus parables is about a mustard seed. It is the smallest of all the seeds they knew at the time. And yet it can grow into a bush and left alone long enough it will make a tree. Then there is the yeast. A woman has sixty pounds of flour and only a tiny amount of yeast. Still, this seemingly insignificant amount will work through the whole dough causing it to rise.

The single point of Jesus double layered stories appears to be the way the kingdom of God starts small and then increases in size. That would explain how a handful of disciples would lead in a movement to create a worldwide religion called Christianity.

While the Church as a whole today is big, the work of the Lord is still small. My efforts for Jesus equate to throwing mustard seeds and grabbing pinches of yeast. The actions seem insignificant at the time because of their size.

I want to see God’s kingdom come to earth. I want truth and justice to work together with compassion and love. I want people to serve God with their whole lives until the day of judgment. I want everyone to know Jesus and live for him. I often think that there is a world full of people and we need to do something big to make good things happen. Believers need a large platform from which they can change this planet into the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, Jesus never told a parable about God’s massive kingdom. He spoke about seeds and yeast and people.

Jesus reminds his followers that they will be engaged in seemly small actions which will probably never make the impact they want. At least they will not change the world today.

My efforts for Jesus today might come in a hundred little ways. Those actions are not to be ignored because of their size; they should be embraced as the way Jesus changes the world.

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