The Blessings of Hard Work

Grace is God’s gift to us. Salvation does not come by works so that no human can boast. You cannot earn it, and you do not deserve it.

God’s blessing, on the other hand, can be different. Sometimes, not every time, we see his great benefits from our hard work.

Financial blessing can come through an unexpected windfall like an inheritance. Other times it comes through getting up early, working every minute of the day for ten hours or more six days a week.

Most great marriages do not usually happen by accident. They are the result of receiving wise counsel and putting in the effort necessary to build a relationship.

Children who are a success in life rarely occur without help. It usually requires staying up late and working on homework, living through discipline issues and investing time in their life.

A fulfilling spiritual life does not come easy. It takes carving our time to read, think and pray. You need a plan to learn and grow then you must work the plan.

There is a long list of things that can plug into this type of thinking. Many successes and achievements in life are the results of working hard day after day. One of the ways that God blesses us is by giving each person a brain and a body filled with potential. Too often I watch people squander their time and energy on selfish or self-destructive habits. Their lack of focus, energy and effort are why they struggle.

Some blessings are a pure gift to you. Things like where you were born, your parents, their financial situation, your health, and the world at the time of your birth. After that, many things depend on you. Will you do the work required to live a blessed life?

The future lies before you. It is full of possibilities. You have unlimited potential. You should pray for God’s hand of blessing to fill your life. Then get up and get to work. Some things simply do not come easy.

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