Fighting the Temptation to Quit

Some weeks I feel like quitting the ministry.

My mind usually goes to one of two places at times like this. The first is of a little fishing business where I sell bait and tackle while swapping stories of big fish. In the second dream, I run a tiny ice cream stand, and my specialty is a hot fudge sundae with whip cream. Both scenes are connected in their own strange way. Each one involves people who can’t wait to see me and always happy with what I am offering them.

In both scenarios, I remain a believer in God, but I become a private person. I talk to no one about my faith, and I am never rejected. I am not involved in any church so that no one will disappoint me. There would also be no ministry involvement of any type, that way I will never fail at anything I attempt to do for God. It would be a perfect life with happiness, quietness and little disappointment with people.

Somewhere in this daydream I snap back to reality and remember Jesus.

Serving Jesus rarely sees immediate results. Over three years Jesus performed public ministry and even after his death and resurrection only about 120 people followed him. Only years later will his ministry begin to impact the entire world.

Following Jesus is always tough work. Jesus primary message is of love, kindness, humility and serving others and people killed him for it. Whenever you tell people there is a better way to live there will be those who will oppose your words.

Trusting Jesus comes with a continual temptation to quit. After Jesus most challenging sermon on the bread of life in John chapter 6 the crowds turn away and leave. Jesus asks his twelve disciples if they are going to leave him too. Even those closest to him could have walked away to their little world where life was safe and quiet.

I am convinced that I am not alone in my thoughts about quitting. Every believer faces the temptation to give up at some point. During times like this, I cling to Jesus, after all, the other life looks easy, but Jesus is the only place to find eternal life. I promise I won’t give up. Don’t you ever give up either.

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