Four Items You Need to Evaluate as a Believer

When you read the Bible, it is easy to see there are some things that just plain evil. Theft, adultery, and murder are nasty things. No denying it. No arguing about it. They are just bad.

You will also notice some things are always presented as Godly actions. Generosity and love are of God. No debate about it. No resistance to it. They are good.

Other things are hard to label. Most of the items and actions in our life can be used for bad, or they can be used for good. They can inspire people to a Godly life or destroy them for evil. There is a fine line that divides something into being a positive action and a negative one. This makes it hard always to know where we stand. Sometimes we need to be reminded that what we thought was right, might actually be the evil that is destroying us.

Here are four items that are impacting your soul that you need to assess.

1. Your Schedule. Is your schedule overloaded? A packed schedule can be a sign that you are busy doing the Lord’s work or it can destroy your soul by leaving no time for God. You can use your time to water your soul or run it dry. Where does all your time go? How much goes to your family, how much to yourself, how much to work and how much to God?

2. Social Media. Are you driven by the approval of others? Continually posting on social media can be a sign that you are friendly and trying to impact the world for God. It can also be a sign that you are self-absorbed and trying to keep up a front so that all the world will love you. How much of your time is spent on one form of social media or another? One man said something like this, “If social media has shown us anything, it is that we have plenty of time to look at pages and our excuse for not reading the Bible is gone.”

3. Personal Connections. Do you have real, solid Godly friendships in your life? The people you spend time with are shaping your character, attitude, and faith. Do you spend time with people who want to see you grow in the ways of the Lord or the world? Computers can be a great thing; they can also move us toward isolation and despair. All humans need someone to speak directly to them in love with truth. Who do you have in your life?

4. Recreation. What do you do for fun? Does it promote the work of the Lord in your life or does it take away from it? I am not opposed to fun and enjoyment, but it can be a tool for evil when it pulls us away from God’s work in our life. Are you spending more time on self-satisfaction and enjoyment than on the things of God?

All of these are hard questions, and yet they are essential for every believer to ask themselves regularly. At least once a year I must look at my life and evaluate my actions. As a follower of Jesus, I am called to live under his Lordship and not my agenda. It is easy to avoid the bad and embrace the good, it is more challenging to use everything else in a Godly way also.

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