Boring Information You Need to Know

For a moment, I admit it; I was bored. They kept repeating the same information that I am sure everyone knew already. People fidgeted. Some people mocked the speaker. I felt bad. I did appreciate that over the years they have tried to make it go a little faster and have sometimes added in humor. I knew why they were saying it, but it seemed to have little to no effect on my life right now.

Still, the flight attendant gave her safety speech before the plane took off.

What did you think I was writing about? Did you think about the Church? Honestly, I am a preacher, and I often feel this way. I keep repeating some information that people already know, and even if they don’t know it, they might not find it useful.

Through the years I have realized that some valuable information can be boring. There is no correlation between excitement and importance. The flight attendants speech seems like a waste of time until you are in an emergency. The preacher’s words might not mean much until that phone call from the police officer. Suddenly things that appeared boring are now your link to life.

Each day I plug away reading my Bible and trying to learn more about God. Some of what I read touches my soul in a way that only God can do. Other passages bore me to the point of sleep. Most days I need to remind myself that truth is significant no matter how I feel about it. At this moment I might not need to know what God has to say, but there will come a day, and I will be ready. How about you?

One thought on “Boring Information You Need to Know

  1. I had to laugh when I started reading this I almost went back to the first and started again but anyway it was very good God’s word back God’s word is new every morning and you always have something every Sunday that seems new no matter how many times I’ve heard it anyway thank you and keep up the good work praise the Lord

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