Let Jesus Take That Burden from You

The Christian faith acknowledges that life is a complex web of actions, thoughts, and emotions. Jesus often focuses our attention on what is happening in our mind as much as in the things we do. The pages of the New Testament give us a glimpse into the human psyche long before anyone ever talked about such things. As a result, Jesus is interested in releasing us of the spiritual burdens we carry inside. Here are a few of the things that weigh heavy on your soul that you can lay at the foot of the cross.

1. You can let go of your guilt and shame.
All of us have done things of which we are not proud. We have said things we wish we could take back. We have done things we wish we could do again. Some events haunt our quiet moments. Jesus offers us total forgiveness. You can let go of your sins and stop carrying them on your soul. No amount of self-inflicted bad feelings will change the past; you need to move on with your life.

2. You can give up what others think about you.
Many people I meet have been carrying the painful words spoken to them by someone they love or respect. That person may have told you that you were a worthless failure who would never amount to anything. They are wrong. You heavenly father created you. He molded you in your mother’s womb and uniquely gifted you at birth. When you walked away from him, he went to the cross to win you back. You are his special child no matter what anyone has told you.

3. You can embrace unconditional love.
Every human being has a natural desire to be loved. We want someone to believe in us, to encourage us and to stand beside us in good times and bad. We need an unconditional love that goes beyond nice feelings when everything is great. Jesus offers us his love. Even when God feels distant and life is hard, he is molding you like a loving potter does to his precious creation. You are loved, and nothing can take that away from you.

Many people go into the weekend with joy and excitement. They have a list of things to do that they hope will bring them joy. They do that to avoid feeling the hurt they have been carrying inside. Other people dread the weekend knowing the amount of pain that their time alone will bring into their soul. Wherever you find yourself I want you to know that you can lay your burdens down before Jesus. He is here to forgive, encourage and love you. God cares not just about what you do, but how you feel. Don’t carry your pain another day.

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