What You Missed at Worship Yesterday

One of the modern views of faith is that it is an individual endeavor. We think we can do it all alone. People tell me, “I am just as close to God at the lake as I am in worship.” While this is true in general, something is missing when you are not a part of worship.

Yesterday while I was sitting in the program I started a short list of some of the blessings I received while I was a part of worship.

1. I Spent Time With Other Believers. While I am often focused on the overall program and usually do not have too much time to talk, yesterday was the exception. I was able to visit with people and talk about their lives, our journey of faith, our children, and a host of other topics. It felt good to hear all that God is doing and to know I am not alone in my faith.

2. I Sang My Praise with People Who Love Jesus. I am a music lover. I have it playing all the time in my vehicle, in my office, and on my phone. Honestly, when I am by myself, especially in my car, I enjoy singing my favorite song. (The song “Only Jesus” is my current tune of choice). But yesterday I was able to sing with people who are new to the faith and those who have been believers for longer than I have been alive. In fact, the songs on Sunday were mostly old hymns that have been around for hundreds of years. At one point I stopped singing and listened to the people of God vocalize their feelings about God.

3. I Prayed for the Hurting. One of my most significant issues in life is finding enough time to pray. There are so many needs and so little time. In worship, we stopped for a few minutes to pray and ask God to intercede in our world. It is a powerful moment of faith.

4. I Communed with God. For a short time, I was reminded of Jesus work on the cross. I physically connected to his death through the bread and the cup. There is nothing in the entire world like that moment. It is the highest point of worship because it touches on the amazing love Jesus poured out on the cross.

5. I Shared the Bible. As a preacher, I do not get the privilege of learning on Sunday morning. My experience with God’s eternal truth came through the week as I prepared to speak. Yesterday I was able to share all that God has been teaching me through the week and a lifetime of Christian leadership. Each Sunday I get to use my gifts alongside other people so that everyone has a chance to learn a little more about God.

I do believe that you can connect with God outside of Sunday morning, but I also understand that what we do as we gather is unique. You cannot enjoy all that the life of faith has to offer without regularly connecting with God and his children in a special way. To me every week God offers us the chance to have family time. We congregate with one another so that we might grow together for this God we serve. I am thankful for everyone who was there with me, and I hope you will join us next Sunday.

I am looking forward to it already.

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