Some Things I Am Learning from My New Schedule

I am a creature of habit. Lately, my life has been turned upside down. My wife took a new job in June, and her schedule is different every week. She is working days and night and overnight. She is working mornings, afternoons and evenings. There is no rhyme or reason to it. With her days continually changing I am trying to flex my schedule to optimize time with her, with my children and get my 40-50 hours of work done each week. This has put me in the office some mornings by 6:00 and other days at noon. I have stayed up till 2:00 am and worked for twelve-hour stretches at a time. I believe God is using this season of my life to teach me a few things.

1. Every minute is valuable. Some days I am only able to squeeze in a few minutes with my wife. I am learning to treasure our time together as it is more limited. When you have little time, you need to make every moment count.

2. You can probably do more than you think. I have been amazed at the amount I can get done in less time. The old rule is that a job will increase to the size of time you give it. This is true in my case. If I know I only have two hours at the office; it is amazing all that I can get done.

3. Technology is a great blessing. Living in 2018 allows me to work from anywhere at any time. I can search and read scripture on my phone. I can take notes on any device I have in my possession, and it shares it with all other devices. I can access the internet from literally anywhere so that I can email 24/7. It is a great time to be alive.

4. Days off are valuable but difficult. Since my wife started working these weird shifts my time at the office has been limited, but my amount of work has increased. I find myself reading and taking notes at midnight when I am all alone. When you can take your work with you anywhere through technology, you must establish boundaries, or you will be working all the time.

5. I’m thankful for my job.
Ministry has a few downsides, but what job doesn’t? I frequently hear pastors complain about the workload and the stress. I believe I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. My leadership understands that this season of my ministry is a little different and it will soon pass. They have given me the freedom to flex my time if everything still gets done well. I am glad to have this freedom while serving a God I love.

If you come by the Church building and I am not present, don’t worry, I am still working. You need to contact me ahead of time to schedule a meeting. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I am thankful for your understanding. Otherwise, I will see you Sunday morning ready to preach the best sermon I possibly can for the glory of God.

One thought on “Some Things I Am Learning from My New Schedule

  1. You work more and are more organized and prepared than any preacher I have ever met!  I don’t just say this.  I am a night worker so I understand how much work you can get done! 

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