Living With Judgment in View

Jesus frequently pushes our actions up against the final judgment of all of humanity. His parables are full of this type of thinking. He talks about wheat and weeds growing together that will be separated at the harvest, along with sheep and goats, good fish and bad fish, and those who bear good fruit and bad fruit.

Jesus lives and teaches with eternity in sight. He continually pushes us up against the judgment of God and forces us to ask ourselves, “Will my decisions and actions today make a difference on that day?”

All of us tend to live with only the road ahead of us in mind. We see only through the front glass of our lives the things that lie immediately ahead. Jesus wants us to think about destinations. Where is our life headed? What will be the ultimate end of our actions?

How would our life, both yours and mine, be different if we lived like heaven were a real place? What should we change to be ready for the judgment of God?

I want to live this week as if every moment were preparing for the day I stand before the throne of God. Because, that is what is happening, whether you are conscious of it or not.

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