Sometimes You Have to Hit the Delete Button

The post was finished. The idea was good. The lines of text almost wrote themselves. Then I went back and read what I had written. I sat for a few minutes reflecting on the words before I posted my blog. Finally, I did it. I took my mouse and dragged the cursor over the text and hit the delete button.

At first, there was sadness that swept over me. I had spent over a half hour typing and pouring my emotions into every line. The words were true, and the concept was clear. All of that was gone.

The single problem with my words was glaringly obvious. It was written out of anger and frustration. My emotions had overtaken me, and instead of making a phone call or having a private conversation, I was going to use my blog as a weapon. People would know I was justified by my self-righteous tone of condemnation.

Even though I am sure I was right, this was not the format to address it. The Bible encourages us to confront the people who oppose us face to face. Jesus said if you know someone has something against you then you should go to that person.

We live in an age when social media in all its forms allows us to shout our disapproval of others on every corner of the internet. Frequently I find myself typing things and then pausing to hit delete. If you are at odds with someone else, the Christian thing to do it confront that person in a kind and loving way. I hope that before you post that negative comment or send that angry email, take the time to use the delete button.

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