The Opinions of Others

We live in a time when it is easy to rely on the opinions of others. When my wife and I visit a new town and the time comes to look for a place to eat, we check out the reviews of local sites online. Then comes the time to make a purchase. I search for the ratings given by commenters who already own the product. Quite often the restaurant or the product I choose is swayed by the opinions shared on the internet.

The side effect of this practice is that it can influence us beyond the things on which we spend our money. The words of others can shape our thinking about everything.

If we listen long enough to other people, it can affect the way we see what is important. It can shape our view of God and what it means to be a believer. Their frustrations can be our frustrations. Their views become our views. Quite often our thoughts about ourselves are shaped by what other people say above all else.

One struggle for a person as they follow Jesus is to have their thinking shaped more for God’s word than by the words of others. You may be carrying a burden you were never meant to carry that was laid on your shoulders by other people. Your view of God may be steered more by the comments made online than by the Bible. How much of what you believe about your heavenly Father and yourself are shaped by the opinions of the people?

As our reliance on ratings and reviews grows with each year, we must be careful with the value we put on the opinions of others beyond those helpful comments. Trusting someone who recommends the best blender is one thing. Believing their views about God and the value of human life is quite another.

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