The Most Courageous Journey in the World

It does not take courage to circumnavigate the globe, just time and money. You will need to be brave and have the strength of character to make the longest journey I know. That is the one that takes you out of your current location to the place where you can do the right thing.

It is a difficult walk from your desk to the boss to take responsibility for your failure.
It is a tough journey from your chair in the living room to the bedroom to say you are sorry.
It is a challenging move to leave the comfort of your home to help someone in need.

If you are like me, there is something you need to do to make things right in your life. Whenever you think about doing it you feel your knees go weak, your palms begin to sweat, and your heart starts to race. To do the will of God in your life not only takes faith, but it requires the courage to do the difficult thing.

God never calls us to comfort; instead, he asks us fearlessly do the right thing … today and every day.

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