Fourteen Meaningful Conversations

Yesterday morning our Church worshipped together. We came together as a group of people to sing God’s praises, pray together, share in the Lord’s supper and listen to instruction from the word of God. Interestingly enough, most of those things we can do by ourselves. You can now listen to the best worship music in the world on your phone. You can spend time alone in prayer with God. You can take communion with a simple piece of bread and a cup of juice. Not only that, the internet is full of sermons by the best preachers in the world, and you can even listen to me anytime you like through our Church website.

There is one thing that happened yesterday that you cannot get alone. You cannot have fellowship with other believers.

The Church is not just people who worship God; it is a group of people who come together. We are a community of faith. We care about one another. We speak kindly and encourage one another. The Church is composed of people connected in their faith.

Yesterday as we came together, I had fourteen meaningful conversations. I spoke with dozens of other people where I exchanged “Good morning” and “How are you today?” But fourteen times I talked for several minutes about aging, health struggles, my children, the future, football, deer hunting, prayer needs, and spiritual issues. These interactions occurred before, during and after worship. They all were unique, unplanned and uplifting.

Yesterday I was blessed by the people with whom I worship. In a society where it is easy to see faith as a personal project we do alone, don’t forget the conversations you miss when you are not present.

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