Most Christians I Know

Several years ago, there was a book entitled “I Like Jesus, But Not the Church.” The author had done some informal surveys and put together a list of complaints the majority of people had about Christians. They were the typical stances you can find in many casual conversations. The general public thought that the people who claimed to follow Jesus were judgmental, overly political and so forth.

While it is true that a few radical believers have a loud mouth and an unchristian attitude, most of the people I know are fantastic people.

1. They Are Compassionate. Whenever there is a tragedy, I know I will receive calls, texts and emails asking me what we as a Church community are doing to help. Through the years I have pointed them to parachurch organizations who specialize in helping people. The reports I receive from those places is overwhelming. It is clear to me that wherever hurt exists, Christians show up to help in any way possible.

2. They Are Generous. Last night I witnessed a group of people from our Church assemble shoeboxes for Christmas gifts. These were put together from the donations of hundreds of items from people who attend here. The outpouring of money, items and time was overwhelming. This kind of thing happens at least once a month in one way or another.

3. They Are Helpful. One struggle we have in the Church is that our people are helping in so many projects in our community. Their time is full of all kinds of beneficial activities. The people of God want to be involved in making their community, their school, and their Church better for the next generation. They are the first in line to help wherever they are needed.

4. They Are Servants. We have men who will mow grass, build something for those in need, or do anything we need to get done. We have women who cook for people who have gone to the hospital, after funerals and for regular fellowship times. Those things are just the beginning of they do. Most Christians I know are willing to roll up their sleeves and do hard work.

5. They Are Trying to Be Like Jesus.
Every week I speak to someone who is trying to grow to be more like Christ. They are making an effort to be more kind, thoughtful and spiritual in their behavior. All of them struggle, but they are working every day to improve as people who claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Sure, there are a few bad apples out there who spoil it for the whole bunch. Most Christians I know are wonderfully kind and gracious people. Occasionally we all get frustrated and have a bad day, but the norm is for our better side to rule our lives. I would encourage you to take a few minutes this week and see all the ways those who claim to follow Jesus are making a difference in the world and also in your little piece of it. Overall, I think you will find most Christians to be wonderful people.

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