A Pastor Counts His Blessings

Last Sunday our congregation sang a tune that is formally called, “When Upon Life’s Billows” but is usually called “Count Your Blessings.” The chorus encourages each one of us as believers to think through all the things for which they are thankful. It goes so far as to say, “Name them one by one.” Today I want to share my list of things for which this pastor is thankful to God.

1.The grace of God for everyone, including me.
2. My family is all walking in faith.
3. My Church is my second family.
4. The people who are also walking with Jesus
5. Volunteers who serve alongside me at our Church, especially my wife.
6. Church leadership who love and support me.
7. Our worship team who lead people in their praise of God with their talents.
8. A building in which we can meet freely.
9. Our children’s minister who serves at ACC
10. That God continues to use me for his purpose.
11. Having the Bible in my language in printed and electronic format.
12. Books, books and more books to help my faith.
13. The internet that allows me to work anywhere.
14. Ladies in our Church who like to cook food to give away.
15. The youth that comes on Sunday nights to be in our youth group.
16. The people who have poured their life into me in one way or another.
17. People in the congregation who are nice to me.
18. Local pastors who I have fellowship within Jesus.
19. Technology that allows me to listen to sermons and worship music at any time.
20. You. You know what you did … and I appreciate it.

What should I add to my list? Better yet, what is on your list?

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