One Simple Goal as a Christian

The Apostle Paul has a special meeting with the Church leaders from the city of Ephesus on the beach at Miletus. There he summarizes his ministry in a couple of short paragraphs. Every line is stuffed with meaning on what it means to be a Christians, especially a leader. When I learned this passage, a statement lodged itself in my soul that has guided my own journey as a believer.

Paul says in Acts 20:20 “You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you …”

He describes his work in the Lord as trying to preach what is helpful to other people. This concept has become one of the goals of my life. I want to do anything that will help other people in their life of faith. So I do everything I can from writing to preaching, and even have private conversations in an effort to help people grow spiritually.

What if one of the simple goals of our life were to try to help people as they walk with Jesus? What if today you tried in every way possible to help people take another step on their journey of faith?

God is not usually inviting us to change people in dramatic ways; instead, he wants us to help the people we meet today to move one step closer to him.

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