Some Prayers Do Not Need Prayed

Let me start by saying that I am a big believer in the power of prayer. The Bible affirms over and over in places like Matthew chapter seven that we should ask, and God will respond. While I cannot explain precisely how prayer works, I have seen the power of God in response to my requests. People have received healing, doors of opportunity have opened, and events happened that were beyond explanation.

With that said, I also believe there are some prayers that we do not need to pray. Instead of prayer, the remedy is action.

Let me explain; I can sit in my house and pray all day long that God will give me the finances to pay my bills or I can get a job and work. I can ask God to provide for that family in need or I can go to the store and buy them some supplies. I can ask God to heal my marriage, or I can go to my spouse and talk with them, ask for forgiveness or offer it.

Recently as I was praying, I said something out loud, and then I paused. At that moment I realized I was asking God to act because I was too lazy or scared (or both) to do anything myself. Then I took a few moments to reevaluate my prayer list and found a couple of items that did not require God, but me to act.

We must be careful not to use prayer to try to manipulate God into doing our work. Maybe the thing you need to do today is spending more time in prayer. Maybe the opposite is also true. Perhaps you need to get up and do or say the thing that will bring a resolution to your problems. God has already given you legs, a car, a voice, or simply a phone and you need to use those in answer to your prayers.

You need to keep praying, but you also need to keep doing the right thing.

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