I Miss Him Every Day

For most people today is just an average Tuesday. It is different for me. Two years ago today I said goodbye to my father until eternity.

It is true that time has eased some of the pain, but it certainly has not erased it. Just yesterday I was listening to a song about overcoming the grave, and I immediately broke into tears. It happens less frequently these days, yet it still occurs more than I would have expected.

I cry less, but I still cry. It happens when I want to tell him something about my boys. It happens when I remember a story that only he and I knew. It happens when I need some life advice that only a father can give. It happens when I hear a corny “dad joke” that he would have loved. It sometimes happens when I just need a friend who knows me better than I know myself.

I have a simple thought for you today. (I will probably give you the same thought this day for the rest of my life). If your dad is still alive, take the time to call them, text them, or stop by and visit. You never know when they will be gone, and there will be a hole that is impossible to fill.

2 thoughts on “I Miss Him Every Day

  1. What made you two develop such a close relationship? Mutual enjoyment of hobbies and activities? Similar personalities? Or was it specific things he did during the 18 years you were under his authority? What you describe when you talk about him is very foreign to me, but I desperately want to develop this type of relationship with my daughters.

    • Mackenzie – Great question. I think several things kept us close.
      One – common interest. We both enjoyed hunting, fishing, trapping, and movies. We spent a lot of time together doing things we enjoy.
      Two – common faith. We both built our life on faith and it brought us together.
      Three – similar personality. Obviously, this one you cannot control, but we were both more introverted and it made us closer.
      Finally – His effort. He always sent me birthday cards and gifts. When my kids were born he traveled to see them every one of their birthdays. When we went to Alaska, he refused to fly, so he drove the whole way two times. He always made an effort to stay connected to me.
      Hope these thoughts help

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