What Have You Done for Him Lately?

Whenever I talk to people about their service for the Lord, I usually can expect one of three responses.

1. Many people are very proud of what they did for God in the past. They can detail what they once did and how wonderful it was for everyone. There are fond memories of when they gave of themselves genuinely, and people were blessed.

2. Other people will tell me about what they intend to do for God. Numerous people have great ideas of some ministry they will one day do that will bless so many. Someday when they have more time, like after the kids are grown or when they retire, they will be unstoppable. They want to bless the world, but something is holding them back. They are convinced that one day nothing will stand in their way and they live with the dream of good intentions.

3. Some people can tell me what they are currently doing for God. This group is usually a little worn out. They are pushing the limits of their time and capabilities. They worry that they are not doing everything good enough for the kingdom, but they serve anyway.

Everyone falls into one of these three categories. Some people live in the past and others in the future, but few live in the present. The work of the Lord is not for those who have their one moment in the sun or even for those with big dreams. Kingdom work is about people getting up every day and serving even when they are not sure they are having an impact. It is not ability but rather availability. The ultimate question for the Christian is “What have you done for God lately?”

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