Stumbling Toward Eternity

The journey of faith is not always a clear track as we walk the narrow way. Frequently there are objects in our way that cause us to stumble and make some missteps along the path.

Some days the temptation is overwhelming, and we are tripped up by our desires.

Some days shame and regret feel bigger than grace.

Some days the voice in my head shouts louder than the words of God.

Some days the people in our life let us down just when we need them most.

Some days the steps are steep, and there is no one to hold us up.

Following Jesus is not a perfect journey made without mistakes. The sin in our hearts misleads us, and we stumble. Pain, remorse, regret become familiar feelings. The people you hoped would give you strength allow you to fall. There you lie flat on your face.

The key to making this trek a success is that you get back up every time you fall. You do not stay down wallowing in the fact that you are once again on the ground. You must get up, learn from the experience and keep walking the path toward God. True faith pushes us forward day after day ever toward eternity.

Right now, you might be down. That’s okay. Pick yourself up in faith and move farther down the path that leads you closer to God. A successful Christian life involves failure, but it is not permanent unless you allow it to become that way.

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