Making a Major Decision

There are times in life when you need to make a significant decision that will impact the rest of your days. It can range from a job change to moving, to a relationship adjustment clear to taking on debt. These moments can alter a lifetime and need to be taken seriously by everyone but especially by Christians.

Years ago, I heard a piece of advice that I have practiced and preached throughout my ministry. The concept is simple and has Biblical connections. The idea is to take your calendar and count out forty days and then circle that day as “decision day.”

First, the idea of using forty days has some Biblical precedent. Moses was on the mountain getting the law of God for forty days. Jesus was in the wilderness fasting for forty days before his temptation. Forty days seem to be the amount of time needed for preparation and completion. I also find it gives you enough time to process the situation, ask questions and think clearly about an issue.

Second, I suggest you take those forty days and pray at least once or twice daily about the decision you need to reach. Ask God to open doors and close doors of opportunity. Seek God’s will in your life and earnestly ask him to enlighten your soul.

Third, this plan gives you a day in which you reach finality. This keeps you from jumping to make a quick decision and from dragging it over months and months. When the day you circled arrives you say a final prayer and make a decision.

Finally, I tell people that the final step is to ask God to give you peace about your decision. Allow your answer to stand with no regrets and second-guessing.

Personally, I have used this tactic in my last three jobs and house purchases. Each time God has opened avenues for me to go forward and closed other possible paths. He has sent people into my life to affirm the decision and help push me in the right direction.

Maybe you have a decision you need to make right now, and this concept will work for you immediately. If not, I encourage you to put the idea in the back of your mind, and when the next big opportunity comes to you, then you will be ready to seek God’s will for your life.

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