Some Church Leadership Thoughts

I am a part of a pastor’s social media group that was put together by Church consultant Dave Jacobs. Dave spends numerous hours working with Churches all over the country from different denominations. Many days he calls on pastors to discuss their situation and offer coaching advice. After most of these calls, he then posts a “coaching takeaway” for the rest of us to learn from his interactions. Here are ten of the best ones I have read over the past year. They apply far beyond just Church leadership, and I thought you might learn something from them too. Enjoy.

1. They say when God closes one door He opens another. That can be true, but it’s those dark halls between the two doors that are scary.

2. When a church is doing well and growing the people’s confidence in their pastor increases. This may be warranted, or maybe not. When a church is struggling, or not growing, the people’s confidence in their leader decreases. This may be warranted, or maybe not.

3. You never really know how open to change people will be until you change something … and then it’s too late.

4. It’s amazing how one or two trouble-makers in a church can sabotage the whole momentum and goals of the church. Some people just need to go, and the pastor’s reluctance to set this in motion perpetuates the problem.

5. Coming up with good ideas is not the problem. Coming up with a wise, well-thought-out plan for implementation is the problem.

6. When someone brings you an idea, you are under no obligation to say yes or no to it right there and then.

7. Never process anything of significance by yourself.

8. You won’t find out if you are someone’s pastor until you tell them “no.” How a person handles “no” tells you a lot about that person.

9. When we’re (or are leaders) under pressure, when we feel squeezed, whatever is inside will come out. This is the problem with character, it doesn’t show up until something comes up.

10. When Christians visit your church and express an interest, they are either running from something or running to something. It’s helpful to know which it is.

*Bonus – Both Pastors and parishioners are broken. We’re all in this together.

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