A Lesson from My Failing Eyes

There is a long list of excuses that I can give you from waiting on insurance to just being stubborn, but I waited five years to get my eyes checked. This might not be a problem for someone younger than I am but when you’re in that place in life where things begin to fail it was far too long.

Almost three years ago I noticed I had to move my glasses around to be able to see better. Progressive lenses enabled me to compensate for a while. Then it proceeded to get worse and worse. During 2018 I started having dizzy spells. I would occasionally fall and hope that no one was looking. I knew the cause was my eyes, but I still refused to do anything about it. I kept telling myself that I will do something when I have more time and money. The problem reached its peak last fall when I could no longer read the words on the screen during worship without headaches and nausea.

Finally, in January, I went to the doctor, and he did inform me of a significant change in my prescription. I ordered new glasses, and they arrived in the middle of January. I have now been wearing them for over two months. While wearing them, I have not had one headache, dizzy spell or a case of nausea. The problems are gone, and I can read without adjusting my glasses or straining my eyes.

Sitting here this morning reading my Bible I started thinking about my glasses. One question filled my mind. Why did I wait so long? Was it the cost? Was it my stubborn attitude? Was it my headstrong nature? Whatever it was inside of me that made me wait to change was utterly wrong.

What about you? What is there in your life that you put off changing? What will it take for you to act? How long will you wait? When we embrace the changes instead of hiding from them, we usually find that life is better. Then a new question emerges, “Why did I wait so long?”

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