A Cat, a Rabbit, and an Opossum

On Saturday morning I was up early to go on a fishing trip. The darkness still surrounded the road, and one by one different animals came to the edge.

First was a cat. It sat by the roadside and just stared at me. It did not move one step.

The second was a rabbit. It was down in the ditch on the right side. It quickly darted up, and at full speed, ran across the road right in front of me. It ended up safely on the other side.

Finally, there was this opossum. It waited and even looked in the truck’s direction. In a seeming act of defiance, it took off running. Then, for reasons unknown, when it reached the middle of the road, it turned around. That was its fatal mistake. By this point, it was too late for me to brake and I heard the thump.

There in those morning hours before dawn, I could not help but reflect on all three of these animals. There was a life lesson wrapped up in their actions. Go or don’t go but be decisive. The road is littered with opossums who went halfway and gave up early.

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