Five Day Easter Prayer Plan

We are less than a week away from the day in which we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. As a preacher, I have finally rested my mind from Sunday and gotten over the Monday blahs. Now it time for me to refocus. Here is what I will be praying for the next five days and I hope you will join me.

Tuesday – Pray for all the events and activities that all Churches are doing this weekend in the name of the resurrected Lord. Our Church will have only one special program, but some Churches will have dozens of activities. A rising tide (of faith) raises all ships.

Wednesday – Pray for all of the invitations being sent out for Easter. There will be people invited to Church for the first time all over the world. Some of those invited to attend will even be our friends and family. Maybe you want to pray for someone specifically too. I ask God to open the doors for countless people to join a worship program and hear the message of the cross and resurrection.

Thursday – Pray for the community of faith of which you are connected. This is the day we celebrate Jesus instituting the last supper with his disciples. He spent his final evening before the cross with his followers and instructed them to celebrate his death together. You are not alone in your faith; instead, you are a part of the Church as a follower of Jesus. Lift up your brothers and sisters in prayer, especially any particular needs or which you know.

Friday – Pray a prayer (or many prayers) of thanksgiving for the cross. This is Good Friday, and we remember the sacrifice of Jesus this day. Take time to be thankful for a God who loves you and sent his son to die for you that you might be saved from your sins.

Saturday – Pray for those who will lead on Sunday. Pray for the sermon your preacher will share. Pray for your children’s church leader and teachers. Pray for your worship leaders. They have not only spent all week preparing for Sunday but in many ways, all year. May their leadership be strong, and the gospel is presented clearly.

Sunday – Attend worship with your family. Spend the morning celebrating the resurrection. Be friendly to everyone. Show the gospel in your actions and speak it with your words. May this day be a time in which we give Jesus the thanksgiving, praise, and glory he deserves.

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