Celebrating the Holy Week

Today is Thursday, and this is when we reach the height of the Holy Week, or it is also called the Passion Week. This is the few days that believers set aside to remember the work of Jesus almost 2000 years ago.

Maundy Thursday. This is the night that Jesus shares his last supper and institutes what we call communion. In the middle of the evening, he washes the disciple’s feet and commands them to do the same. This is an evening where we think of serving like our Savior.

Good Friday. This is the day we remember Jesus being nailed to a cross. He will hang in the air for six hours and finally die this die. It is here that he sacrificed his body to death for the sins of the world.

Holy Saturday. This is the day that Jesus body lies in the grave. Nothing happens this day, but it serves as a time of quiet reflection on the price that he paid for us.

Resurrection Sunday. This is the day we recognize the power of God in Jesus. The sacrifice was accepted, and the payment on the cross was adequate, and now Jesus is raised from the dead. It is a day of joyful surprise and enduring celebration.

These four days believers set aside to focus our thoughts on the work of Jesus that brings our salvation. While I serve in a smaller Church and we have limited programs through this season, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. Here are a few suggestions:

-Take time to read the story of the passion of Jesus out loud with family or friends. You could even do it all four days from all four gospels.
-Set aside time to pray each of these days focused on that one day’s theme.
-Find a special worship program to attend. While our town is small, we live near a big city, and there are numerous opportunities to worship every day.
-Make plans for Easter Sunday morning now. Our Church is having breakfast and then worship. I know some Churches offer programs at sunrise. Plan now to worship.
-Invite friends and family to join you at this time of celebration and share with them the story of Jesus and the message of the cross.

The list could go on and on: listen to worship music specifically about the cross and resurrection, sing your favorite songs out loud, read a book about the cross or resurrection, give money to a work of the Lord, serve in a way that brings glory to Jesus and on and on it goes.

Here is my point – do not let these next few days continue with business as usual. Don’t let them be filled with children’s activities and forget the Savior. Don’t miss an opportunity to focus your heart and mind on Jesus. This is a special week, but it was done for you, so don’t ever forget it.

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