Life’s Little Blessings

This morning I feel the best I have felt in four days. I am not saying I am back to one hundred percent, but I am on the road to recovery. Sickness has hit me every way this week. Nausea gave way to a sore throat, then to a stuffed-up head and finally a fever. Somewhere in the darkness last night, my fever broke, and I began to sleep well. This morning I woke up feeling better and can see wellness in the immediate future.

I openly admit, since Sunday my head has not been clear, and it has been hard to keep a train of thought. I still managed to get my work done although I have not been as productive as I like. Last night after work I lied down and took a nap. When I awoke, I remained on the couch rotating between hot and cold about every half hour.

Lying there I was thinking about all the things we take for granted in this life. God has blessed all of us abundantly. He has given us brains with the ability to remember and process information. He gave us bodies that we can use so freely. We live in a time of medicine that we can take and help our aches and pains. Our life, health, family, modern conveniences and a hundred other things bless our lives every day. Yet, they are so easy to take for granted.

My friend in ministry talks about people who are “heart attack living.” He says that after someone has a heart attack, they look at life differently for a while. They have stared death in the face, and they come back different. They tell their family they love them; they walk slower and notice more. Life is this rich blessing that they have missed, and for a time they come in tune with it.

A man cold is tough, but my experience was not near a heart attack. It does have me pondering all the gifts we have in this life. What would happen if we noticed all of life’s little blessings? Maybe we would be more grateful and less critical. Maybe we would be more thankful and less demanding. Maybe we would need less and appreciate more.

I am happy to be feeling better, and I am also thankful for all that God has given me. How about you?

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