A Preacher’s Secret

You might not know this, but there is a tension among preachers about how many personal illustrations to use in sermons. Should we tell about our personal lives or keep it private? The sermon is a place to talk about Jesus and faith and not our issues.

I decided years ago that I would share stories about my life if I do not look like a hero all the time. I do not want to give the impression that I have figured out the spiritual life perfectly. I want people to know that we are on the same journey. I am struggling to grow in my faith and am learning to trust God more every day. This is true of every preacher and not just me, no matter what impression the preacher tries to give you.

  1. We are still growing in our knowledge of the Bible. Most preachers, I know, are continually learning. They read, listen, and attend in an effort to increase their understanding of the Bible and the things of God.
  2. We are still surrendering our life to Jesus. Just because I am in full-time Christian service that does not mean I am perfect. There are spaces in my life that I am still giving over to God. The moment I conquer one area in my heart, then I find a new space I need to surrender.
  3. We are still trying to grow in our love of people. Even the most outgoing preacher who loves to be with people is still confused by the behavior some of the time. I was recently talking to another minister, and we said, “You have to lose the shock factor.” As you deal with people, you can no longer be shocked anything. These issues force me to love people who I don’t understand. They push me to enjoy every person no matter what their approach to life.

Preachers are people who love Jesus and want to serve him, that does not mean we have it all together. We are trying to grow, and sometimes we fail. The other part of this secret is that we want you to join us on this journey. Honestly, there is little desire for you to come to Church just to listen to us. Our passion is to find people that will join us on the journey of faith while trying to grow in him.

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