Keep Doing the Work

It is Monday. Mondays are always tough. This week it is especially true after taking some time off last week. It is difficult to come back to the office. It is challenging to focus my thoughts and write something fresh.

I once saw an article titled “It’s the grind that gets them.” I loved the title, and the point was clear enough. The difference between success and failure is not usually based on one big event or moment, but rather the daily discipline to keep working.

Church history has labeled the regular participation in prayer, fasting, meditation, and scripture reading as the “Spiritual Disciplines.” These are actions that require a steadfast commitment to doing the same thing over and over again. Developing your soul requires discipline. It is not the result of one big event or moment. People with weak and shallow faith are those without the discipline to put in the daily work. They have great intentions and idea, but without regular engagement, they are lost.

Mondays are days that I remind myself that I must stick to my commitments and keep doing the work. I will not be able to grow my soul without a level of resolve. I will not be able to serve the Lord in various ways without perseverance.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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