My New Definition of Love

The Bible often speaks of love. It is a word that often endears women and confuses me. Our culture likes to talk about it as a feeling. It is something we “fall” into and out of depending on the circumstances. I usually remind people that Biblical love is an action. It is not something you say or feel but rather something you do.

A few weeks ago, I wrote down a line in my notebook that has become my new definition of love. “Love is making other people’s lives better.”

I think this definition is so understandable and useable.

What does it mean to love your spouse? It means you do everything possible to make their life better. You give to them, you ask about their thoughts and feelings, and you do work that helps them.

What does it mean to love your neighbor? It means you work to make their life better. You help them out when needed. You speak kindly while not gossiping. You do little things that they appreciate.

What does it mean to love your enemy? It means that despite your differences, you continue to seek their best. You do for them what you would like people to do for you.

I think it is a simple definition and it probably isn’t original to me. I do believe it is a practical idea that when implemented, can help to improve all our relationships. So, this week, when you think of how you love someone, ask yourself, “what am I doing to make their life better?” If you can’t come up with anything, then maybe you need to reevaluate your definition of love.

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