The Legacy of Faith

Your legacy is something you leave behind for the next generation. For you, this might be a financial gift or a pile of possessions. I want to suggest to you that there is something spiritual that you can leave behind as well. I believe your life can touch the lives of numerous people for the kingdom of God.

What I have noticed lately is that most people’s journey with Jesus looks less like a highway and more like a collection of country roads. People do not walk a straight path with God from the day they meet Jesus until heaven. There is not one person who influences, teaches, and instructs them on the ways of faith and serve as their primary mentor.

Instead, most people grow in their faith by walking one road and then taking a right turn on another and then a left turn here and on and on. Their path winds through multiple Churches throughout their life. They receive direction from numerous individuals over the journey. There was that one Sunday school teacher, that elder, a preacher, a traveling teacher and a myriad of other influences. Step by step, people mold our lives in meaningful ways, and some of them never know it.

All of us have a legacy of faith that was left to us. We are the result of people giving of themselves to others for Jesus sake. It is always interesting to walk back through our lives and see the twist and turns that brought us here. With each move, there was often someone who pointed us the right direction to go.

All of us are also leaving a legacy of faith. We are helping people move closer to God in our own small way. If you allow God to use your life, you will have an impact that leads others toward eternity. You may never see a person move from non-believer to heaven-bound saint, but you might be able to point them down the proper path for the next mile. Your legacy will be that of someone who helped others move closer to Jesus.

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