God is Still Working

Talk with any pastor, and he will tell you about a time that he believed his sermon bombed and yet someone responded to faith. The preacher felt they had failed in their job, and God was using it to guide people.

Talk to anyone who has been a believer for very long, and they will tell you about a time when God showed up unexpectedly. They went through a difficult season, and looked back at how it grew their faith, connected their family, and helped them to see God’s love in a more significant way.

Talk to people who have experienced pain, and they are able to look back and see something good. They never expected this time of trial to produce anything positive, but sure enough, it happened.

The temptation for everyone who follows Jesus is to give up when we fail, feel empty, or hurt. And yet, the longer I am a pastor, the more I see how God uses these events in ways we never imagined.

Today I want to remind you that God is still working no matter what you are going through – relational conflict, physical or emotional pain. Whatever form your struggle and hurt come in, it is not too big for God to make something powerful happen. Hold on, remain faithful, endure, stand firm, persevere, press on toward the goal, keep the faith, and fight the good fight of faith. God is still working.

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