But I Do Remember That Person

One question: Tell me about the one sermon or lesson that changed your life?

This is difficult for most people to do. Most of the sermons and lessons we hear are forgotten within one hour of hearing them. We might remember one idea or illustration from a sermon that touched our soul, but most of the material we hear is lost in time.

Second question: Tell me about one person that shaped your life?

This is one that is easier to identify. Most of us cannot describe the lesson, but we can remember the person who taught it. We can recall their kindness, hard work, concern, and love. Often, we can still hear their voice and even have a memory of a specific conversation.

This lesson is significant for anyone who wants to make an impact on the world for good, especially the cause of Christ. Work hard and teach the best you can, but know that your words will be quickly lost, your heart and presence will endure forever.

Every day we have the chance to make an impact for eternity, and it doesn’t require any prep work or precision, only a willingness to connect to other people.

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